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Jun 24, 2014 - Sep 07, 2016








Barry - Adam RaynerMolly - Jennifer FinniganEmma - Anne WintersJamal - Ashraf BarhomLeila - Moran AtiasJohn - Justin Kirk

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A drama following an exiled man who returns to his homeland with his American family.

Bassam "Barry" Al Fayeed has been living in Los Angeles for 20 years since self-exiling from his war-torn Middle Eastern country, where his father is its dictator.

When his nephew plans to get married, Barry returns to his homeland with his American family, but his arrival triggers a culture clash and forces him to deal with the familial and national politics he once left behind.

Comments (84)

04/24/16 at 08:29pm

I want the show to return great series
Sharon Taylor
02/19/16 at 05:42pm

This is such a great movie I've been waiting for it to return please don't let this be another good movie that some idiot decides to cancel.
10/05/15 at 09:48pm

This show is superb! The cast is above average, the premise unique and timely, costumes and sets are a treat. But, if Jamal is dead and off the show, I would really have to wonder why on earth you would kill off such a wonderful actor who is the pivot of the show
Tom Bastian
09/27/15 at 08:36am

There haven't been many shows of this genre available on television. Riveting to say the least - I hope I and all of the people I know who watch Tyrant are treated to a third season.
09/23/15 at 02:46pm

Is the 3rd season cancelled? Love the show!
09/07/15 at 10:25pm

Entertaining and a cautionary storyline, very compelling ! Love this show!
Suzanne chambers
09/07/15 at 09:05pm

I love this show, I do hope it continues. It is my favorite show by far. My clients and friends always talk about what is happening next. The Tryant in both of the brothers and the love and compassion they feel. The women, their beauty and strength. When watching you become each character. I feel it's realistic to what the world is really like...
09/04/15 at 05:43pm

Awesome show,i could not wait every week to watch it!!!!
Did not watch anything else,please renew renew renew QUICKLY!
09/01/15 at 09:01pm

Please renew for a third season...it's an AWESOME show.
09/01/15 at 08:41pm

LOVE, love this seris. Hope it is around for several more seasons. Best show EVER!!!!

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