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Sep 29, 2015 - May 10, 2016








Jimmy - John StamosGerald - Josh PeckSara - Paget BrewsterVanessa - Christina MilianAnnelise - Kelly JenretteKen - Ravi Patel

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A comedy following a bachelor who suddenly discovers he is a grandfather.

Jimmy Martino is a successful restauranteur and the consummate bachelor. His easygoing lifestyle comes to an abrupt halt with the surprise appearance of his adult son and his baby daughter. Going from single to grandfather overnight is a big change that will force Jimmy to unlearn a lifestyle of selfishness in record time.

Comments (21)

04/13/16 at 01:48pm

LOVE,LOVE this show!! Hope that there is a second season
03/17/16 at 09:01pm

A much better show as the season progressed, hope there is a season two!!
03/04/16 at 07:07am

I love how the show has evolved, I hope there is a season two.
02/29/16 at 07:37pm

This show has gotten much better as the season has progressed! I love the developing relationship between Jimmy and Sarah.
10/30/15 at 08:41am

I am actually shocked this show was given a full season. I have watched every episode so far and it seems to always follow the same theme...John Stamos messes up then shows up to be with the family and try and do the right thing...I cannot see how this will continue to evolve and have a season 2.
10/14/15 at 07:19pm

i take back what I said, I just watched the first 3 episodes and I'm officially hooked. its got heart, more of a feel good show than a laugh out loud show.
10/11/15 at 02:28am

Really????? Is that supposed to be funny?
10/01/15 at 05:11am

unfortunately this show is headed for the chopping block. the pilot was boring, un-funny and predictable. could have been pretty good, but it has really bad writing. if it weren't for the cast, I wouldn't have watched the pilot at all. I predict cancellation within 6 episodes.
David Wood
09/30/15 at 07:09pm

John Stamos doing his slick car salesman shtick (slick restaurateur this time). Kinda foggy where this show's going.
09/30/15 at 07:58am

Tried to watch the show but hard to see past the many numerous face close ups of Stamos.
Hopefully he's had his fill and we can go on with the show...

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