My Big Fat Fabulous Life

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A reality series following the life of a woman suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Whitney Thore is an average girl from a small town in North Carolina. She was once a slender dancer but during college unexpectedly gained 200 pounds over the course of a single year due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

It took Whitney quite some time to deal with the life-changing effects of her condition, but now she is content with her body and has a fresh outlook on life.

Currently living with her parents, Whitney is getting prepared to venture out on her own and claim her independence in a world that judges people by their size.

Comments (79)

09/10/19 at 09:15am

Please bring back Whitney..
04/16/19 at 07:56am

love this show
Patty maniscola
03/21/19 at 05:09am

Has whitney ever considered weight loss surgery? Luv the show especially Whitney's mom, she is so funny!
01/17/19 at 09:37pm

I wish TLC would cancel this show. What is the sense in glorifying a morbid obese girl and her life? The message only tells America that it is ok 2 not take care of yourself and up the insurance and disability supporting these people who refuse 2 take responsibilities 4 their bodies. I do not believe that the polycistic ovarian syndrome is "totally" responsible 4 her weight gain. But people watch anyway. I won't subject myself 2 trash TV.
12/07/18 at 08:24pm

Please tell me season 6 will be airing soon!
Kimberly Walter
11/24/18 at 03:27am

This is my favorite show. I LOVE Whitney and family and friends! Would be SO sad if it ends. Please TLC bring it on!
Holly Kaczmarczk
11/19/18 at 09:13am

I miss my Whitney and all her friends....please come back!
11/14/18 at 07:49pm

I miss it too. What happened? Is it coming back? So sad if it has been cancelled.I loved the show. Love Whitney's personality, perseverance and talent.
dawn nagle
11/13/18 at 09:31am

When is it coming back on I love that show
11/01/18 at 02:32pm

Love this show. Miss it tons.
Whitney has helped me to love myself for who I am .

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