One Big Happy

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Mar 17, 2015 - Apr 28, 2015








Lizzy - Elisha CuthbertLuke - Nick ZanoPrudence - Kelly Brook

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A comedy following a lesbian who is pregnant with her best friend's baby.

Lizzy and Luke have been best friends since they were kids and both of their parents were getting divorced. Now both grown up and single, Lizzy, who is a lesbian, and Luke, who is straight, have decided to start a family of their own. Though there is no romance between the two, Lizzy agrees to have Luke's baby.

Things get a bit complicated when Luke meets a British girl who he ends up marrying just when Lizzy learns that she has finally gotten pregnant.

Comments (17)

04/14/15 at 04:32pm

It's a cute and funny show, I came here because it hasn't been on for a couple weeks, I'm worried!
03/25/15 at 09:15am

I saw the previews and it didn't look very good. On top of that, it shares its title with a good family-friendly newspaper comic strip. Therefore, I've decided to turn my TV off after the final credits of "Undateable" and skip this show.
03/11/15 at 01:23pm

No more creepy than the Will and Grace show where a straight woman roommated with her best friend, a gay man.
The show was very popular and was in the Neilsen top 20 for half it's network run. The show also won 16 Emmys and had 83 nominations.
I'll be watching.
01/29/15 at 10:47am

I will pass on this one
Scout Finch
01/13/15 at 04:40pm

Why is it that all TV lesbians want to be pregnant? Sheesh!
01/02/15 at 06:08pm

Won't one my family will watch. I agree, very creepy.
12/21/14 at 08:35am


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