South of Hell

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Nov 27, 2015




Drama / Horror




Maria - Mena SuvariDavid - Zachary BoothEnos - Bill IrwinDusty - Drew MoerleinElijah - Lamman RuckerGrace - Paulina SingerCharlotte - Lydia HearstSweetmouth - Slate HolmgrenTetra - Lauren Velez

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A drama following an exorcist-for-hire who has a demon living within her.

Maria Abascal is a stunning exorcist-for-hire in Charleston, South Carolina, which is the most possessed city in the world. Along with her brother David, Maria battles demons for a living. That includes her own demon within, Abigail, who feeds on other demons, and has violated the laws of Hell to live on earth.

Working together as one, Maria discovers how personal her battle with evil has become and just how far Abigail will go to remain a part of her.

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Floyd Dehanne
02/10/17 at 01:21pm

@Mat ^5 well said
05/24/16 at 10:25am

Dear Nonney you watch a series about demons, exorcisms, and hell and that's where you draw the line? Really? You should know better then that. If you want a family show go watch a family series rated TV-G for all audiences and leave the adult shows out of it.
01/21/16 at 07:02am

show is just starting to get interesting, except for the incest but hey its the times we live in right? wrong. would have been a lot better if we did not have to have disgusting things like that rubbed in our faces. really who thinks that's except-able in any time or place?other than that was a good show.

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