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Jun 02, 2015 - Aug 14, 2017








Kirsten - Emma IshtaCameron - Kyle HarrisLinus - Ritesh RajanMaggie - Salli Richardson-Whitfield

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A drama following a girl who is given the ability to visit the dead's final memories.

Kirsten is a young woman who is recruited into a secret government agency who 'stitches' her into the minds of people who recently died. With this ability she can use their memories to investigate murders and solve mysteries that would otherwise be buried forever.

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07/15/15 at 06:19am

Glad it got Renewed. I know it has had a load of bad reviews and the chances were it wasn't going to get renewed. However, the show is ABC Family's 1st Crime Procedural so give it a chance
07/07/15 at 03:51pm

Louise, I agree with your point on temporal dysplasia... Allison S (for example Warehouse 13) isn't the unemotional type. My remark was more about the corporal (not temporal) contrast between the two young ladies. Let's agree to enjoy the show for as long as it runs, I'm afraid, despite being a good show - this one may not last long.
07/07/15 at 08:23am

I am not the demographic for the show but I find it an interesting concept. Harris overacts once in a while and as for Allison S. being cast as Kirsten, no way, I've seen her in other productions, she can not play 'flat', too much personality for a person with 'temporal dysplasia'. Ishta nails it.
07/07/15 at 07:15am

I am not the demographic that this show was meant to attract, but very interesting concept. My critique is Harris needs to relax and not force his dialog and I don't agree with Jim, Allison's personality is too much for someone with 'temporal dysplasia'; Ishta has no personality, so she plays it well. I hope is last past one season, but I wouldn't hold my breathe.
07/03/15 at 05:05pm

Interesting Sci-Fi story, been fun to watch so far. My only real critique is that Allison Scagliotti (Camille) and Emma Ishta (Kristen) should have been cast in each others respective roles. Why? I perosnally think the former would have looked far better in the STITCHER suit.
06/16/15 at 08:47pm

Very innovative and shows imagination. I really like this show!
06/03/15 at 11:41pm

hahaha, plz

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