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Jun 02, 2015 - Aug 14, 2017








Kirsten - Emma IshtaCameron - Kyle HarrisLinus - Ritesh RajanMaggie - Salli Richardson-Whitfield

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A drama following a girl who is given the ability to visit the dead's final memories.

Kirsten is a young woman who is recruited into a secret government agency who 'stitches' her into the minds of people who recently died. With this ability she can use their memories to investigate murders and solve mysteries that would otherwise be buried forever.

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01/02/18 at 01:45pm

I see now any show I get remotely interested in will be cancelled. Therefore I just need to give up on really liking anything. This was a really great show. It captured all the parts. Druma, comedy, action, and a little romance. But you guys are just whatever. So okay. Let's see if I told you so comes up on wht you relace it with...
11/25/17 at 11:12am

This is exactly the type of program that doesn't last , "a good show" ...
Niki P.
09/23/17 at 01:24pm

bummed that the show was canceled. would have liked to have seen how Kirsten works her way out of the big fat lie she incorporated at the very end of the last episode, and Cameron's reactions would have been when he finds out the truth. But sadly, we'll never know BECAUSE THEY FREAKIN' CANCELED IT!
michael dobey
09/15/17 at 05:30pm

Oh man, this was a good show. They had the sets all built and didn't have to do much but tell us new stories. This should have come back for another season! rip.
11/24/16 at 10:59am

This is really a good start to what could turn into one of the most unusual and interesting crime shows. But the it about her mother and her father make it drag uncomfortably. Get it solved and get on with solving crimes!
03/26/16 at 05:45pm

With "temporal dysplasia" being a element made for this show, not real. I have a hard time watching a character that comes off so wooden, though not defined as a sociopath. The show has some creative narrative it seems to go no where and circle back to one element not expanding character development. With it's ratings I can't see this lasting through season 2.
Susan m
12/31/15 at 01:56pm

Good show please don't leave us hanging
Uncle Dickie
11/03/15 at 08:23am

The basic premise is intriguing, but it is the characters and their relationships that will determine the worth of this Sci-Fi procedural.
10/07/15 at 06:10pm

I love this show....I was hooked during the first episode. I'm glad it has been renewed. I've never seen anything like this. I love Stitchers!
07/22/15 at 00:49am

I realise that a lot of shows have similarities , with so many out there it would be hard not to draw some , however I guess for me the premise of a girl who solves crimes from the memory of the recently deceased for me will always be Izombie , if this girl ate some brains the shows could cross over :P

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