Suddenly Royal

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Sep 09, 2015 - Oct 21, 2015








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A docu-series following a man who moves to the British Isle of Man after discovering he has noble lineage.

David Drew Howe is an American auto repair advisor who learns he may be heir to the throne of the British Isle of Man. The shocking discovery leads him to move his family 3000 miles away to become part of an elite social circle.

David, his wife Pam, and their 12-year-old daughter embark on an adventure to find out what it means to have noble lineage. Will they be able to convince the locals they are worthy of royalty?

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Sarah Hopkins
04/04/17 at 08:04pm

Please bring back The Isle of Mann..... It was so refreshing to watch something that was honest and down to earth.....
12/03/16 at 07:26pm

LIVES* fairly close
12/03/16 at 07:25pm

Figures, every time I find a good show to watch it gets canceled. Please bring it back! As a Marylander who loves fairly close to Dave and Pam, I really enjoyed watching something about someone nearby! And come on, they are funny and endearing to watch!
08/17/16 at 11:47am

Great show to watch with my granddaughter.........please, bring the show back for the next 10 seasons..............funny and quite interesting....also love the setting.......Not much worth watching these days..........Quality on this one
Darlene Ballenger
08/10/16 at 09:29pm

My husband and I really loved this show. We would love love love for you to bring it back. Great tv when there is so much garbage on tv. Love the show please please please bring it back.
Lynette van der Merer
04/06/16 at 12:42pm

Please!! renew for 2nd season. I'm from South Africa and loved this show. A fresh breeze from all the blood, guts and fighting of other shows. Love each character.
01/21/16 at 06:11pm

Absolutely loved this show! Drew is a Hoot! He is so funny I could listen to him for hours. Besides his humor, he's got a wonderful voice..His wife Pam is also funny and entertaining. Their daughter Grace is a Hoot just like her dad. Isle of Man is absolutely breathtaking! Please just not have one season then leave us hanging. THIS SHOW IS WORTH SEASON Barb
madonna webb
12/17/15 at 01:21am

tlc taking off two good shows suddenly royal and my fabulous life bring them back
Tor Braun
11/18/15 at 09:44am

My hubby and I love this show! We looked forward to it every week! You never know what Drew will do next. Love his wife and daughter Grace too. And gotta love Mrs. C!
Please renew this refreshing new series! :-)
Carol Gould
11/17/15 at 04:50pm

Enjoyed this show and looked forward to more adventures of this very likeable family.I also enjoyed the scenery and the people of the Island
Please renew!

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