The Whispers

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Jun 01, 2015 - Aug 31, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Claire - Lily RabeWes - Barry SloaneDrew - Milo VentimigliaJessup - Derek WebsterMaria - Catalina DenisMinx - Kylie RogersHenry - Kyle Harrison BreitkopfAmanda - Autumn ReeserCassandra - Kayden Magnuson

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A sci-fi drama following an alien race that uses children in attempt to quietly take over the Earth.

What happens when mysterious beings that people can't see or hear begin manipulating the children of the world in an attempt to take over the Earth?

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David Wood
09/09/15 at 04:12pm

Daniel Gillies is in both Saving Hope and The Originals.
09/07/15 at 05:42pm

Lily could do both esp since Horror is a short order Fall and this is a short-order summer. Kristen Connolly did both Whispers and Zoo, and Rick from Night Shift does both it and Killjoys, so not necessarily a death sentence.
09/07/15 at 03:00pm

We love this show! Please keep it on.
08/31/15 at 08:23pm

I really love this show just saw how tonight episode let me say wow love the whispers it is awesome epic they should really make a season 2 it would be awesome
not saying my name
08/19/15 at 06:25pm

I personally love this show! This is honestly my favorite show right now. I hope ABC is not going to cancel it!! Hopefully gonna find out soon!! I do not think that it is poorly written I find this show to be actually very well written. And by the way it is a dangerous imaginary friend.
Drill has killed Lena and done something with Minx. Sorry for the spoiler if you are not caught up. I agree 100% with the cliff hanger thing!! Hopefully ABC will be smart enough to bring The Whispers back for a season 2!!!
Floyde Dehanne
08/13/15 at 11:17am

08/08/15 at 12:42pm

I really like this show. So far I haven't heard of it being cancelled, but it probably will be. I only say that because it seems like every show I really like gets cancelled. The worst part is that they usually leave the viewers with a heart pounding cliff hanger for the season finale. I feel like if the network believes there's a possibility the show could be cancelled, they should end the season where it could go either way. However, if they give it a big cliff hanger, then cancel it, they owe it to the fans to come back with a 2-hour show finale. They'd gain a lot more respect with their viewers, which is something that all the networks need right now.
07/30/15 at 08:34pm

On May 23, 2014 it was announced the series would no longer film in Los Angeles, California and move to Vancouver for filming. On June 11, 2014, it was announced that Brianna Brown, who was set to play Lena Lawrence, had exited the series due to creative reasons. Production on the first season wrapped on December 20, 2014. On June 30, 2015, it was announced that ABC had let the contracts for the cast expire; if the series is to be picked up for a second season, Lily Rabe will only appear in a limited amount of episodes.
06/09/15 at 10:52am

This one is NOT going to make beyond the first season (if it gets THAT far). The writing is terrible, the exposition is the most awkwardly handled exposition I've witnessed in years. I forced myself thru the first two episodes, trying to keep an 'open mind', but this is ridiculous. I'll stick with "Wayward Pines" and "Under the Dome", to well-written shows, which BOTH have very well lived-up to their hype.
David Wood
06/06/15 at 08:07pm

A REALLY fascinating pilot episode.
If only they can maintain and succeed with such potential. If only they don't cancel prematurely.
@Sherry, How can you be sure CBS wouldn't also do you wrong?

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