Angie Tribeca

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Jan 17, 2016 - Dec 30, 2018




Comedy / Crime




Angie - Rashida JonesJay - Hayes MacArthurChet - Jere BurnsDJ - Deon ColeMonica - Andree Vermeulen

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A comedy following a veteran cop who works on the LAPD's Really Heinous Crimes Unit.

Angie Tribeca is a veteran officer on the Los Angeles Police Department's elite RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes Unit). Her brilliant, albeit eccentric, team stop at nothing to ensure that justice has been served.

Comments (9)

05/21/19 at 06:27am

Pity. This show gives us all a little bit of Naked Gun and Airplane humor that many have tried to recreate, but few get it right... Angie Tribeca did just that. It will be missed.
06/03/17 at 09:29pm

This is a wonderfully silly show! It helps to be a baby boomer to catch all the references though.
As another comment notes, you have to watch the details as many funny things happen in the background and are easy to miss.
11/11/16 at 01:26pm

hacky, slap stick comedy, spoof of all other crime shows. if you like that sort of thing. even if you DO, rashida jones is profoundly UN-FUNNY.
Iris Gallagher
04/28/16 at 08:05am

I love this show, it reminds me of the old Airplane movie where everything is a gag. And it's not just the stuff happening in the front of the scene, many times it's things happening behind the actors, you really have to look closely to catch everything
02/10/16 at 07:19am

I never heard of the show untill 2 days before they had their giant "25" hour marathon of the show, its only 10 episodes for the whole season so they show each episode twice plus 5 more.
01/23/16 at 02:08pm

I watched the first 2 shows & I will not watch any more. It is terrible....Very campy. Lousy writing! Vert disappointed with funny man Steve Carell.
01/09/16 at 04:30pm

This sounds like a modern rehash of The Closer but I will give it a go as I like the cast and it's not like we don't have enough cop shows on TV!
11/10/15 at 09:13pm

Rashida as a cop?
Uncle Dickie
11/09/15 at 04:17pm

I have never heard of "Tribeca" being anyone's proper surname, but I suppose it can be. I have always heard it being used to identify the "TRIangle BElow CAnal Street" area of Manhattan.

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