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Sep 20, 2016 - May 26, 2022




Drama / Legal




Dr. Bull - Michael WeatherlyBenny - Freddy RodriguezMarrisa - Geneva CarrChunk - Chris JacksonDanny - Jaime Lee KirchnerCable - Annabelle Attanasio

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A drama following the founder of a successful trial consulting firm.

Dr. Jason Bull is a brilliant, charming, and brash founder of a successful trial consulting firm. He holds three Ph.D.s and uses a combination of astute insight into human nature along with a first class team of experts to create winning strategies for his clients.

Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw.

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wilhelmina perry
05/15/18 at 05:34pm

I enjoy the show and learn each episode. Okay, one or maybe two did not interest me, but please keep the show.
05/09/18 at 08:10pm

I did enjoy Michael in NCIS. He was cute & the ‘comic relief’ of a serious program. Isn’t there now an Ncis in most cities televised?
I admire him for stretching out into an interesting program about a topic I did not know existed! & my father was an attorney! I think he would have enjoyed this program as much as I do.
I do hope you are ok after quite a season 2 finale. ; ) If people want variety rather than rehab, let Marisa ‘heal’ you & play a little. But don’t change too much! Thank you for an intelligent tv program & to your team as well.
11/12/17 at 04:28pm

I understand that Bull is supposed to be a fictional takeoff on Phil McGraw's life before TV when McGraw was a trial scientist. Either way, the show is entertaining with a good cast and good writing and good plots.
norma lancaster
07/03/17 at 05:37pm

Like the show Bull very much. I did not like the part that Michael Weatherly played in NCIS.
06/08/17 at 06:27pm

I love Michael Weatherly, he need to go back to NCIS and forget this "BULL" show! I was VERY disappointed in this show.
David Dickinson
04/28/17 at 01:51pm

I stayed loyal because i like Michael Weatherly but i'm bored now,same scenario every week,distinct lack of action.......shame,series link deleted......Dave 🤓
04/25/17 at 05:44pm

I love the show, however since I have been watching since the pilot it's gotten dumb. I get it, he studies the jury and all that but THEY KEEP ON AND KEEP ON WINNING. Why can't he lose? Recent episode showed them taking on the 3rd largest bank in the WORLD AND WON. I'm sorry, but use logic. They would in no way win that in the real world.
03/30/17 at 09:51am

Each episode is better than the last! The hook for me is the strategies for every situation and how they evolve as the story progresses..It's entertaining as it appeals to the intellect as well. Michael Weatherly is brilliant. Each week I look forward to the next episode.
03/22/17 at 07:50pm

Everyone talking about him being an Arrogant Jerk and unlikable.. Him being an Arrogant, know it all is what makes him Likable.. Took a few episodes to start really liking this show, but once they got into small hints about his past and character development, I am really liking it.
03/10/17 at 07:21pm

The issue is after watching 3 or 4 episodes. The show just seems redundant. I understand there are different cases, but it just doesn't seem enough. Plus Michael Weatherly character isn't likeable. Not like Dinozzo.

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