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Sep 20, 2016 - May 26, 2022




Drama / Legal




Dr. Bull - Michael WeatherlyBenny - Freddy RodriguezMarrisa - Geneva CarrChunk - Chris JacksonDanny - Jaime Lee KirchnerCable - Annabelle Attanasio

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A drama following the founder of a successful trial consulting firm.

Dr. Jason Bull is a brilliant, charming, and brash founder of a successful trial consulting firm. He holds three Ph.D.s and uses a combination of astute insight into human nature along with a first class team of experts to create winning strategies for his clients.

Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw.

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06/02/22 at 05:12pm

The two part finale had some potential, especially the evil client, but I guess they wanted a feel good ending.
05/03/22 at 01:37pm

This show has been exceptional, and I will miss it. I await the finally this month and hope the actors will have another great show.
11/23/21 at 08:56pm

I just read where an actress testified before Congress of sexual harassment on the set and from the main star. When the actress complained she got fired. Why is this show still on the air?
11/18/20 at 10:54am

I have no idea who to write to - was looking for an avenue on CBS.com, but I need someone in the know to hear this!!!! That Season Five Opener: My Corona? That was so brilliantly and beautifully done. I am deeply impressed and indebted! Thank you the the writers and the cast for pulling off that unbelievable perfection! Of course as intended, I didn't get it until the end, but that was powerful! Deeply moving. Well done!
01/07/20 at 05:26am

Love this show. Don't cancel.
12/28/19 at 04:57pm

Seems the writers are unable to shake their own clichés like

- Jury needs to disregard the previous comment (reply: they never do or similar)
- Knock knock (reply: he went home or similar)
- Bull doesn't really listen to his staff/friends/partner and then realizes that and then does the right thing (recurring subplot)

...and all that is getting on my nerves. I like the series and I'm invested in the characters but it needs new writers.
Cliff B
10/01/19 at 01:36pm

Love the show glad it's still running but very much dislike Benny's new attitude in season 4.
09/25/19 at 05:12am

So glad Bull is back! What a terrific first episode!
05/20/19 at 03:13pm

I really like the cast of this show and was a fan of the show itself, but watching it now in the later part of season 3 I have to say, for some reason, I am losing, have lost interest.
Kimberly Starkey
02/13/19 at 11:10am

I love Michael Weatherly as an actor and he needs to go back to NCIS. I do watch Bull if there is nothing else to watch on TV, but after the first season it's the same blah, blah, blah every episode. NCIS is not the same with out Michael and Ziva. It was the most watched show on TV. I give him koodos for wanting to branch out and have his own show. But in Tony's own words, " When it's right it's right" Please come back to NCIS. It looks like Ziva is and with our fingers crossed Abby will too. Her replacement on the show just doesn't cut it the same as Bishop just doesn't fill Ziva's shoes. A loyal NCIS fan from episode 1.

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