Game of Silence

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Apr 12, 2016 - Jun 05, 2016








Jackson - David LyonsGil - Michael Raymond-JamesShawn - Larenz TateJessie - Bre BlairRoy - Conor O'FarrellLiz - Deidrie HenryTerry - Demetrius GrosseMarina - Claire van der Boom

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A drama following five friends with a dark secret that resurfaces after 25 years.

Jackson Brooks is a successful lawyer on the way to becoming a partner at his firm. While he appears to have it all, his life is turned upside down when his childhood friends reappear unexpectedly after 25 years.

Back when they were 13, Jackson and his friends were like brothers - until their world was shattered after a good-intentioned attempt to save one of their friends from her alcoholic mother ended up costing them nine months at a youth detention facility.

It's now 25 years after that fateful afternoon, and the memories of the worst nine months of their lives have resurfaced. A mystery has been uprooted that is even deeper than their buried past, forcing the friends to band together in an attempt to right the wrongs of their youth.

Comments (24)

Marchelle S
09/27/16 at 06:47am

Please reconsider and renew this show. One of the best shows that aired in a while!
09/11/16 at 11:14am

My husband and I watch very few shows together (Blindspot, The Last Ship and of course Game of Silence). I wish the network would reconsider. It was a very well written show.
09/04/16 at 09:31pm

Ugh! Wth is wrong with these stupid networks? This show was incredible! I can't believe they cancelled this one too!
07/25/16 at 04:25pm

Of course you cancel it, it was good! Why do you even waste your time starting a show if you cancel it before the end of the 1st Season? Why not dump the Kardashians and junk shows like that instead?
07/23/16 at 10:12am

This was and awesome show and you cancel and I guess it was to reall
06/29/16 at 10:42am

Please don't cancel Game of Silence. This is not the first time a good show has been cancelled. How do you decide?
Carla & Ray McDonald
06/27/16 at 10:49am

Again, an engaging show that we really enjoyed, not just pap promoting homosexuality, a good story with good actors. Whoever is cancelling the few decent shows left are chasing the older audience to Netflix to find something decent to watch.
06/26/16 at 01:37am

Great show needs to come back.
06/24/16 at 06:26pm

I sure hate the way Game of Silence ended!! Needs to be brought back to an ending that doesn't leave everyone hanging
06/21/16 at 02:38pm

Love this show and am very disappointed it is being cancelled.Should really reconsider keeping it

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