No Tomorrow

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Oct 04, 2016 - Jan 17, 2017


The CW


Comedy / Drama




Evie - Tori AndersonXavier - Joshua SasseHank - Jonathan LangdonKareema - Sarayu BlueDeirdre - Amy PietzTimothy - Jesse Rath

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A romantic comedy following a woman who makes a bucket list because of the possibly-impending apocalypse.

Evie Callahan is quality control assessor who doesn't like to take a lot of risks in her life. But after a relationship ends and her career hits a roadblock, she might be ready to change things up a bit.

Enter Xavier, a charming free spirit with whom she has an immediate spark. He lives a carefree life, which is a little different than Evie is used to. Along with encouraging her to seize the day, Xavier also believes the apocalypse is only eight months away.

He even has his own "apocalyst", a list everything he wants to do before the end of the world. He gets Evie to do the same, and with the help of her friends she must decide whether Xavier's claims have any merit while at the same time living her life more fully.

Comments (27)

02/26/17 at 06:01pm

Luv the show, watched the whole series on Netflix , couldn't stop watching it.. pleassseeee being it back!! Needs more advertisement For It so more people can learn about it...
Krystal Raley
02/26/17 at 12:27pm

I found this show on Netflix. I'm in love. I couldn't stop the binge watching. I love the story and the actors. Please bring it back!
02/25/17 at 07:25pm

Found this on Netflix and we love it. Please renew and this time try promoting it a little. If more people know about it THEY WILL WATCH!!!
02/25/17 at 00:15am

Please renew, found it on netflix and love it!!!
michelle d hamilton
02/22/17 at 07:52pm

Please renew!! My son and I watched it on Netflix
02/21/17 at 02:38pm

I just found this show on Netflix and I love it . Please renew . Please please please .!!!!!!
02/18/17 at 12:30pm

My wife and me loove this show.
Pleeeease renew.
02/17/17 at 09:31am

I will be SOOOOOOOOOOO upset if this is cancelled!!!! I just found this show on Netflix and LOVED IT!!! I really really hope it has another season or more!! Great cast, fun n easy to watch!! I never once saw any commercials or anything for it or I wld have absolutely watched on CW when it was on air!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!
Christopher Klema
02/14/17 at 07:55am

Please renew this show is amazing!!
02/13/17 at 07:17pm

Love this show, please renew!

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