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Jun 26, 2016 - Aug 28, 2016




Comedy / Drama




Bill - Luke WilsonShelli - Carla GuginoKelly - Imogen PootsReg - Rafe SpallDonna - Keisha Castle-HughesMilo - Peter CamborJesse - Richard BakerPhil - Ron WhiteTom - Catero Alain ColbertBryce - Rainn WilsonRick - Christopher Backus

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A dramatic comedy following the road crew on a band's major tour.

Created by Cameron Crowe, this music-infused dramatic comedy follows the unsung heroes who put an arena rock band's tour on the road. This committed group of roadies live for music and spend all the funny, romantic, and reckless moments of their lives with the de facto family they've formed along the way.

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08/29/16 at 10:05pm

Those who are spewing negativity about this show either didn't watch it, or just don't get it.
Yes, no one is getting beat up, shot or whatever (The Ray Donovan blab...). If that is all you actually like on TV, there is plenty of that. (I watch Ray also BTW...)
What there isn't plenty of is extremely well done television like Roadies. It is a gem and I will miss it if it is gone and cheer if it is renewed.
Michael Wolny
08/29/16 at 07:59am

Not sure it will make any difference in a numbers driven business like television but I would love to see Roadies renewed for a second season.
08/29/16 at 04:05am

How can such an endearing and poignant look at the behind the scenes of "America's band" not receive the accolades it deserves?? If it is truly over I will miss this show.
08/29/16 at 00:28am

Not that often that TV transcends mere entertainment and becomes art. This beautiful show is one of those times. I wish there would be another season, but in a way it doesn't even matter. This season was a perfect, beautiful, whole thing. It's something I can treasure on its own, even if there is no more.
08/28/16 at 09:52pm

Renew please. Season finale awesome. Love this SHOW!
08/24/16 at 11:27am

Seems to be love or hate. I love it! I hope it is renewed. I think the writing is brilliant and the characters are memorable, even admirable.
08/23/16 at 11:57pm

Very entertaining show. I stumbled in it when I saw one of the characters on late night tv. Kimmel I think. I recorded an episode. Hubs & I watched 10 mins and immediately went to on demand for episode 1. We binged watched them all in 3 nights. Clever, great story, great writing, great acting. If you don't like this show you just don't "get it". Please keep it on for those of us that do.
08/23/16 at 08:37pm

My husband and I enjoy watching this show please don't cancel it
08/11/16 at 10:39am

I like the show. Like the writing, the actors, and the look behind the scenes.
08/08/16 at 02:26pm

Having done a short stint as a roadie I enjoy the show. It is a nice break from senseless violence for the sake of violence.

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