Shades of Blue

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Jan 07, 2016 - Aug 19, 2018




Drama / Crime




Harlee - Jennifer LopezMatt - Ray LiottaTess - Drea de MatteoRobert - Warren KoleMichael - Dayo OkeniyiMarcus - Hampton FlukerCarlos - Vincent LarescaChristina - Sarah Jeffery

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A drama following a detective who walks the line between good and bad in order to provide for her daughter.

Harlee Santos is a New York detective who fell in with a group of dirty cops. She is also a single mom and has taken bribes and protection money in order to provide the best life for her talented, and honest, daughter.

When the FBI traps her and pressures her to inform on her brothers in the precinct, Harlee must walk the line between love & loyalty, honor & betrayal - all to give her daughter the future she deserves.

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Maria Lopez
09/19/16 at 09:37am

this show had potential. jlo unbelievable as a nyc detective. i'm a detective and there is no way i or my colleagues would be found in that thick makeup baggy pants... who cries at every scene. give me a break. that's not acting. so you produce the show and thought to give yourself a bad acting gig... no such a wise move. leave the real acting to real actors - Ray Liotta disappoints.
04/02/16 at 08:17am

We love this show! So glad it was renewed. And J-Lo is a great actress! Seriously, who can bash her. She is beautiful and talented! Everyone acts like this is the first time she has tried the acting side-----she has made several movies over the years. If you don't like the show get over it. Obviously there are many who do or it would not have been renewed. And great cliffhanger ending, by the way!
04/01/16 at 03:33pm

I don't know what you morons are watching. I thought it is a great show and looking forward to a 2nd season. There was one gay scene. Get over it.
03/31/16 at 09:18am

Omg people, if you don't like it move on to something else. Homophobia is still running rampant, even in here...sad
Jason Puerini
03/25/16 at 11:30am

All the people commenting on this show are obviously the morons that claim to not watch reality shows yeah j-lo sucks but even her part on this show is good and they renewed it I am totally sick of every show on TV having a gay part and also the white male is the biggest minority in this country you can't even call blacks Hispanics gay or anyone else a minority anymore
Tu papa
03/23/16 at 12:13pm

J-Lo. Enough reason for this show to go down the toilet.
02/15/16 at 02:19pm

Mediocre at best. Gave up after episode 4 because of how boring it was. J-low's part is boring and predictable and Ray Liotta's just creeps me out. I don't mind if there are gay characters in a tv show but after seeing Ray Liotta in Goodfellas and seeing him being in other bad ass character parts in other movies, seeing him as a gay cop really creeps me out.
02/09/16 at 06:01pm

The things Jennifer Lopez gets handed to her (S2 ::cough cough::)... I'm not going to follow.
01/30/16 at 10:13am

Ray Liotta cast as a Gay, Corrupt Detective in NYC. Is Liotta's career so far in the toilet that he has to take roles like this? I imagine the ratings for this show tanked after Episode 3, and that revelation. Not even spending 5 more min watching this show, it will be cancelled, you can bank on that.
01/26/16 at 08:08pm

Ray Liotta as a gay man? PLEASE. This show was done before it ever got started. Sickening!

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