Future Man

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Nov 14, 2017 - Apr 03, 2020




Comedy / Sci-fi




Josh - Josh HutchersonTiger - Eliza CoupeWolf - Derek WilsonGabe - Ed Begley Jr.Diane - Glenne HeadlyStu - Haley Joel OsmentJeri - Britt Lower

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A comedy following a regular guy who is recruited to prevent humanity's extinction using time travel.

Josh Futturman is a despondent janitor who typically spends his nights playing video games. But his ordinary life is turned upside down when he is recruited by mysterious visitors with a mission to travel through time in order to prevent the extinction of humanity and save the planet earth.

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Mike dobey
07/09/20 at 01:49pm

This show ended with season 3. This show was certainly never for ypung viewers. Season 2's orgy scenes pushed it pretty far. Season three scaled it back a lot and we find out that they never changed anything just created new realities. But at least we got a prpoer ending. There is no season four of course.
01/22/19 at 06:23pm

i really loved S1,,,,,but S2 had not in the same sick of humor like in s1.....i likit sick :)...so i am disapointed :(...i hope they fix this in S3...if they dont cancel the show.
03/03/18 at 09:50am

The show is crazy awesome!
12/13/17 at 07:39am

Started okay but got a bit boring towards the end but idea could work with better scripts for a 2nd season
Guernsey Man
11/22/17 at 07:45am

Best thing I have seen about time travel....actors have a great chemistry and story is fresh. 2nd season please.
the doctor
11/14/17 at 12:37pm

looks like rubbish
11/14/17 at 09:26am

Good grief!
10/16/17 at 02:52pm


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