Mystery Science Theater 3000

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Apr 14, 2017 - Nov 22, 2018




Comedy / Sci-fi




Jonah - Jonah RayKinga - Felicia DayMax - Patton Oswalt

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A revival of the cult hit where a host offers funny commentary on cheesy B movies.

Set in the not-too-distant future, Jonah Heston is a hapless human who is forced to watch a selection of B-rated movies by mad scientists at the Gizmonic Institute.

In order to maintain his sanity, Jonah watches the flicks with two robot companions, who all offer snarky commentary as the action unfolds on screen. Meanwhile, the scientists study the effects the films have on his brain.

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01/29/20 at 11:03pm

What a surprise? I could not ask 50 people in time square if they had ever even heard of the show. But watch the intro to season one. Look at the lack of enthusiasm in the star of the show! It was literally like they intentionally found the worst actor in Jacksonville Mississippi and asked him to do a poorly written television show.

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