Somewhere Between

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Jul 24, 2017 - Sep 19, 2017




Drama / Crime




Laura - Paula PattonTom - JR BourneNico - Devon SawaSerena - Aria Birch

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A thriller following a woman helping police track down a serial killer.

Laura Price is a San Francisco news producer who, after a string of related murders, experiences a twist of fate that allows her to relive the week prior to the killings.

This gives Laura a chance to change fate and stop the serial killer. But as she begins to unravel the mysterious connection between herself and the perpetrator, she realizes that some things are written in stone, and in order to change events it will require an ultimate sacrifice.

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07/21/18 at 04:37pm

Just binged watch this show on Netflix and was disappointed to learn that there will not be a season 2. I actually watched it twice because I thought I missed stuff the first time. Loved it
Ingo Lembcke
09/21/17 at 06:42am

The daughter is so spoiled, I could have done without her, oh, wait...
Na, I would have killed her myself. Also hope this gets cancelled.
Have watched E01, E02 only in fast-forward and then saved the other episodes and will see the end first, and then probably delete all others - unless the end is really good (hint: all get killed would be a good end for my kind of series).
Same with "Salvation" but there where at least 2-3 good persons I liked (her politician friend not, imho).
Tru Calling? Srysly? No way, that was way better.
Judy h
09/14/17 at 05:51am

Paula Patton is the worst actress on tv. Dirty hair, bug eyes and weird facial expressions make it worse. Such annoying people in this show and soooo melodramatic. Hope it doesn't come back. I only watched because there is nothing else!
09/01/17 at 07:00pm

Saw 5 episodes.
Finally bored with Paula Patton's frantic running around in circles trying to change her daughter's fate. I suspect this is one of those dragged-out neverending plotlines in which the killer is always one step ahead.
Her perpetual fearful frown is also tiring to watch
08/09/17 at 02:13pm

I have to agree that I think Paula Patton is one of the worst TV actresses that I've ever seen. Now I'm fascinated at watching just how bad her acting is. I think a mop would do as well. I'm only into half of the 2nd episode right now and am gagging.
07/30/17 at 10:20pm

Boy did they start this show wrong. They should of started the 1st episode backwards to grab the audience in. It's summer so there was nothing else to watch that's the only reason why I made it through the 1st episode. The acting was terrible, then all the sudden 50min towards the end it got real interesting with the plot. Each episode the acting for better, I'll stick with it for now.
07/27/17 at 06:25pm

This show is terrible! I could only watch about 40 minutes before deleting my PVR. Paula Patton is awfull in this show, and they have her show daughter acting like a spoiled brat! Talk about overacting...OMG...hopefully this will be off the airwaves soon and replaced by another truly worthy series.
Sally Boomer
07/24/17 at 12:35pm

My husband Dick thinks this will be like Tru Calling I think it will be more like One Tree Hill

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