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Feb 23, 2017 - Apr 13, 2017








Elvis - Drake MilliganEddy - Trevor DonovanJohnny - Kevin FonteyneJerry - Christian LeesCarl - Dustin IngramTom - Billy GardellJimmy - Jonah LeesSam - Chad Michael MurrayBecky - Jennifer HollandMarion - Margaret Anne FlorenceIke - Kerry HollidayGladys - Ann Mahoney

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A drama following the birth of rock 'n roll during the civil rights movement.

Set in Memphis, Tennessee during the volatile early days of the civil rights movement, young musicians like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash are guided by Sam Phillips as they combine country music with 1950s rhythm and blues to create a sound that forever changed the course of music.

As a result of this new sound, these young artists experienced a jarring and sudden rise to fame in the face of sweeping political change and social unrest.

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John Trichinotis
04/14/17 at 07:35pm

This show is excellent, factual and very entertaining. CMT has nailed this show right to a "T". The actors are right on.
04/13/17 at 08:36pm

I can barely tolerate the fake southern accent that the actor uses who plays Sam Phillips. I never heard the real Sam Phillips speak, but it couldn't have been this horrendous.

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