The Young Pope

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Jan 15, 2017 - Feb 13, 2017








Pope Pius XIII - Jude LawMary - Diane KeatonAngelo - Silvio OrlandoBernardo - Javier CámaraAndrew - Scott ShepherdSofia - Cécile de FranceEsther - Ludivine SagnierCaltanissetta - Toni BertorelliMichael - James Cromwell

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A drama following a newly elected Pope faced with navigating the politics of Vatican City.

Former Archbishop of New York, Lenny Belardo, has recently been elected the new Pope. Now known as Pius XIII, he is the first American Pope and the youngest ever elected by the College of Cardinals.

Selected over older and more experienced clerics, he was part of a plan by Vatican elders to get him to follow their lead. Instead, Pius XIII announces a series of severe initiatives that challenge the Vatican status quo.

It starts to become clear that the new Pope will follows his own path as the conservative leader of a billion followers.

Comments (4)

11/20/18 at 09:49am

This show was an eye opener and needs to come back. please shoot more episodes
Sue Dior
05/19/17 at 04:41pm

the only reason I have HBO is because this show is the best I have seen in a long time. The Vatican is an amazing place, Lenny had so much insight and enlightenment. I would love to see it return, please.
03/01/17 at 12:35pm

Okay, I understand now. It is a limited series and ends on the finale. It was great though, even if you aren't religious or are. I don't think it insulted the Catholic Church or people who don't belong to it or even believe in God. It was more focused on the journey of a young orphan, who despite the odds, made it to Pope and instead of being a puppet, started doing his own thing. Plus, there was the possibility that he was chosen by God, since he did some miracles, but he could also be a fake. I found it very deep, meaningful and interesting.
02/19/17 at 07:22pm

I really love this show. It is very interesting, showing the inner workings of the Vatican. Great story lines, intrigue and miracles going on, plus wonderful scripts, scenery and acting. What's not to love about it. I was concerned it was cancelled, because all 10 episodes are available On Demand. So, I don't know what that means. I've never seen HBO put up a whole season before it airs. So, I don't know if that is good or bad for the show. But, I hope it doesn't get cancelled. Perhaps it has offended Catholics. One episode was about them trying to get a Cardinal for pedophilia, so maybe that could anger some people.

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