Twin Peaks

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May 21, 2017 - Sep 03, 2017








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A continuation of the 1990 series of the same name.

This event series picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town found the homecoming queen Laura Palmer shockingly murdered.

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K Rich
09/30/17 at 02:44pm

This is funny, intelligent, and is what TV can and should be. That is to say more than spoon fed garbage as fluff between the commercials!!
08/23/17 at 03:54pm

I didn't see the original series, but I loved this one. They had better make another season, because they left a lot hanging and I heard they did that with the original, which upset people. But, now they owe it to us to at least come back with a limited series to tie things up.
08/16/17 at 07:05pm

What a great series!
Bizarre? Yes!
Funny? Yes!
Entertaining? Definitely!
If you didn't see the original series the 2017 season probably doesn't make any sense. David Lynch is a great director, writer and actor. He makes movies and TV programs that make you do more than just watch; you have to think and pay attention to the details. Great stuff.
Weird Al
08/06/17 at 06:58am

For those that have not seen the show and wants to check it out, "It is not about the bunny."
06/26/17 at 04:18pm

Could this show be any more BIZARRE !! Waste of time !!

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