C.B. Strike

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Jun 01, 2018 - Present




Drama / Crime


Cormoran - Tom BurkeRobin - Holliday Grainger

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A drama following a war vet-turned-PI who works to solve complex murders.

Cormoran Strike is a war veteran who now works as a private detective operating out of a small office in London's Denmark Street.

Wounded both physically and psychologically, Strike uses his unique insight and military background to solve complicated cases that elude the police.

Based on the best-selling novels written by J.K. Rowling (under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith).

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10/28/23 at 05:28pm

These series are fantastic. The best part is that they don’t deviate from the book much if at all. You can read or listen to the books and never get tired of watching the series. The casting and character development are spot on as well. I only hope that the BBC and cast continue to produce these as they are a rare gem in a time when original content and worthwhile viewing of anything on any platform is rare.
Grizz Lee Bear
07/04/23 at 01:20am

This show is just what I was looking for! BTW It aired on BBC and there are
17 episodes. The nuances of this show will have you guessing all the way till the season finally! Season or series 4 “Lethal White” had so many twists and turns as well as personal issues with Robin and Cormoran (young Stacie Keach). Cormoran Strike is intimidating, and the producers use that to full advantage. Robin is smart, confident, sexy and a master of disguise. All and all a riviting show.
02/23/23 at 09:23am

WTF HBO…we only get 4 episodes???? We waited forever for 4 episodes????
Steve S.
02/07/23 at 02:27am

Thanks Gary, that's new to me. I'm used to a series being somewhat equivalent to a show. Where a series could go for multiple seasons. Should this show go on for the author's (loosely) projected dozen or so books, it looks to be a serious series of series.
Gary K
02/06/23 at 02:32pm

Steve S series is just what us English call a season. For instance Doctor Who each year is a series and in America it gets called a Season
Steve S.
02/06/23 at 02:16am

Apparently, this show has "series" instead of seasons, each based on a distinct novel. Apparently, shows with series don't get "renewed," they just just appear or dissappear? The latest is obviously based on the latest, the sixth, novel. I'd watch it if I could.
08/16/18 at 09:35pm

I love this show. The last time I became hooked on a show it was cancelled.
That being said, I fear this show will also be cancelled. I hope not.
07/23/18 at 08:44am

This show is fantastic. Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger are great as Cormoran and Robin. I love the fact that we are getting to know the personal lives of the main characters week by week. Please keep this show going. It is one of the best on TV.
07/09/18 at 11:32am

OMG - what a find. This show is just brilliant -- the characters are well written and interesting, especially their back stories, and the stories (cases) are absorbing. We are hooked. So far it only looks like there are 8-10 episodes for both seasons. I really hope they keep this show going. It is a refreshing take on private eyes in an interesting location!

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