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Joe - Max IronsNathan - Brendan FraserBob - William HurtReuel - Bob BalabanGabrielle - Leem LubanyMae - Kristen HagerDeacon - Angel BonanniMarty - Mira SorvinoSharla - Christina MosesSam - Kristoffer Polaha

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A thriller inspired by the 1975 Sydney Pollack film "Three Days of the Condor."

Joe Turner is a CIA agent who has long been conflicted about his work for the agency. But when he makes a discovery that results in his entire office being killed, Joe is forced to go on the run as the only remaining survivor from his team.

Joe must now fight for his life and redefine who he is as he works to find out the truth about this conspiracy and stop whoever is behind it from fulfilling their deadly goal that threatens potentially millions of people.

Comments (7)

05/05/23 at 11:13am

I'm glad it's coming back for Season 3! Thought Joe was great!!
12/29/21 at 10:20pm

I just finished season 2 on Epix. Enjoyed it a lot. Would like a season 3, but it does not seem likely.
07/15/20 at 04:10am

I thought season 1 was great, full of action and suspense.

Season 2 is such a disappointment.
. Long scenes of Russian speech
. Gabrielle Joubert character (S1's female assasin) not present, despite the end of S1 teaser.
. slow story line
. Just talk, more talk and the other bit of action.

Such a disappointment S2
Predication, this won't, can't be renewed.
09/02/18 at 09:53am

The underlying plot had a greater sense of urgency than the novel or 1975 movie but thought the show was more of killfest. If the theme were ever resurrected, I would hope there might be a public invitation to make suggestions.
08/06/18 at 11:26am

This is one of the best shows I've seen in quite a while. Hopefully it gets picked up for another season.
07/22/18 at 06:13am

Enjoying this show so far. Always fun to see a show and recognize that it is filmed in my hometown of Toronto, Canada.
Couch Potato
06/25/18 at 04:21pm

A good modern day twist on the classic film starring Robert Redford. Just the right amount of drama, action, and intrigue.

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