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Mar 18, 2018 - Aug 25, 2019




Drama / Crime




Dylan - Alan CummingLizzie - Bojana NovakovicTracy - Daniel IngsJulian - Naveen AndrewsMonica - Sharon LealJimmy - John MainieriKanter - Michael B. Silver

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A crime drama following a former CIA agent who helps the NYPD hunt a serial killer.

Dr. Dylan Reinhart is a former CIA operative who now lives a quiet life as an author and university professor teaching psychopathic behavior.

When a serial murderer terrorizes New York City using Dylan's first book as a tutorial, NYPD detective Lizzie Needham reaches out to him for help. The connection to his work is enough to compel Dylan to come out out of retirement to work on the case.

Though Dylan and Lizzie initially butt heads, they soon realize that they make a great team if they learn to trust their instincts.

Comments (38)

08/20/19 at 06:19am

It has become an expected outcome. A show with intelligence is canceled. This was well written and a good cast was getting used to working with each other. Shame on you CBS.
08/05/19 at 05:55am

Love this show! Characters are well developed, plots are always interesting. Actors are great! It’s different. Please keep it on. It’s one I look forward to watching!
Joanne Davis
07/17/19 at 07:57am

I'm so glad this show is back. I hope they keep it. There is nothing that I dislike about this show.
03/06/19 at 10:37pm

I keep reading that the show is still on, not cancelled. Where do I have to go to watch it? When is it on? What time? What day?
01/02/19 at 12:49pm

I have read that CBS has renewed the show, but I can't find it on the schedule through April. When so when does it come back??
Really good show. Good chemistry.
12/08/18 at 08:03am

Love this show. Very well written. Just enough humor to make it not boring.
11/23/18 at 06:09pm

Please bring back. Enjoy it. Haters can go watch something else!
08/29/18 at 11:15pm

Enchanting. Wife and I both watch and look forward to next season!
07/20/18 at 07:36am

Used to just turn down volume when Goldberg had a scene, but after her treatment of Jeanine Porto on the View and her tirade on and off the camera, I can no longer watch Instinct.
07/03/18 at 09:02pm

Watched several episodes but Thought of the plots were weak and there’s just not a good partnership between the doctor and the detective. It got old fast.

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