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Mar 18, 2018 - Aug 25, 2019




Drama / Crime




Dylan - Alan CummingLizzie - Bojana NovakovicTracy - Daniel IngsJulian - Naveen AndrewsMonica - Sharon LealJimmy - John MainieriKanter - Michael B. Silver

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A crime drama following a former CIA agent who helps the NYPD hunt a serial killer.

Dr. Dylan Reinhart is a former CIA operative who now lives a quiet life as an author and university professor teaching psychopathic behavior.

When a serial murderer terrorizes New York City using Dylan's first book as a tutorial, NYPD detective Lizzie Needham reaches out to him for help. The connection to his work is enough to compel Dylan to come out out of retirement to work on the case.

Though Dylan and Lizzie initially butt heads, they soon realize that they make a great team if they learn to trust their instincts.

Comments (38)

11/21/19 at 09:25pm

Are you kidding? Bring back this show! It’s one of the best ones you have!
Malinda Perrotta
10/21/19 at 10:33am

As soon as a good show comes on it is replaced by reality shows, quiz shows, or some other schlock! MJ
10/15/19 at 01:15pm

This is a great show. I have been a long-time fan of NCIS. I feel Instinct's dynamics are similar.....character interacting, humor, romance, originality, and yet good, believable storylines. This show should not be cancelled...…….extremely disappointed.
10/10/19 at 10:20am

Fell asleep after the first 12 minutes of so. Same ideas. same forumula. Same outcome. Bored
10/09/19 at 04:30pm

What is wrong with American TV? If a show has a developed plots and good acting, they cancel it! This was a good show, interesting plots and great characters.
Vari Scudi
10/03/19 at 09:25pm

Anything that might make a viewer think or question is yanked so quickly that one's eyeballs spin. Of course we loved this show...the great Alan Cumming...intelligent story lines...up to date relationships, etc...what wasn't there to like? Those who are in control seem to want to force us back to one set situation comedies...cost control or mind control? Hello 1955.
09/11/19 at 06:54am

Love this show. Don't cancel.
08/31/19 at 03:08pm

This is unfortunate. Obviously you care little about what the viewers think.
08/26/19 at 04:41pm

Yep ,another great show cancelled ! It become tiresome to watch the major networks.They do not know what a enjoyable show is.
08/25/19 at 09:27pm

Really enjoy the show...just enough quirkiness to be delightful without the heavy-handed, ridiculous, overstated humor that seems so popular nowadays! Shame on you CBS for axing a worthwhile show like this and leaving a preposterous, awful, unintelligent show like Big Brother...pandering again to the lowest common denominator!!!

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