Single Parents

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Sep 26, 2018 - May 13, 2020








Will - Taran KillamAngie - Leighton MeesterPoppy - Kimrie LewisMiggy - Jake ChoiSophie - Marlow BarkleyGraham - Tyler WladisRory - Devin Trey CampbellEmma - Grace HazelettAmy - Sadie HazelettDouglas - Brad Garrett

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A comedy following a group of dysfunctional single parents who support each other through their ups and downs.

Will Cooper is a single dad in his 30s whose 7-year-old daughter Sophie is starting her first day of school at Hilltop Elementary. There, he gets to know a group of other single parents, who notice that Will is just a bit too into parenting and less focused on his own life.

Wanting to help Will remember the man he once was, his new dysfunctional group of friends send him out in the dating world as a way to make him realize that being a good parent doesn't mean losing your own identity.

Comments (14)

10/07/18 at 10:27pm

...couldn't finish the second episode....2 stars
09/27/18 at 02:29pm

I liked it. Sometimes u just want a show bc it’s funny.
09/26/18 at 07:11pm

This sounds terrible. Every commercial so far for this show makes you cringe its so not funny.
09/05/18 at 09:54am

If it isn't a sitcom comedy, it will be trash. Brad Garrett get ready to look for another job.

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