Take Two

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Jun 21, 2018 - Sep 13, 2018




Drama / Crime




Sam - Rachel BilsonEddie - Eddie CibrianChristine - Aliyah O'BrienMonica - Alice Lee

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A drama following a former actress who teams up with a private investigator to solve crimes.

Sam Swift is a former actress who played a detective in a hit TV series until suffering a public breakdown that sends her to rehab.

Wanting to restart her career, Sam convinces a private investigator named Eddie to let her shadow him as research for a potential comeback role.

While Eddie isn't too keen on his new babysitting gig at first, Sam is able to prove herself valuable by using the skills she learned while playing a cop.

Comments (52)

09/28/18 at 10:03am

I really enjoy the show. I hope it continues.
Please keep this one.
Jenn Major
09/26/18 at 10:55am

I find myself really looking forward to seeing the next episode of this show every week. I really enjoy the characters. Great show!
09/21/18 at 00:50am

I’m big on crime drama. Practically all I watch. When I need a break, but still need my crime fix but need to lighten up a bit, this is the show for me. Love Ed Cibrian- he has it all, looks, charm, personality and a great actor. Hope he makes it with this one. Please renew!
09/19/18 at 05:38pm

Please do not cancel this show. I hate reality tv.
09/19/18 at 03:17am

Enjoyed it and would rather watch this than the “realities” ie big brother and the like which I avoid b/c I hate them like the plague
09/17/18 at 07:16pm

ABC is trying to find a detective show that will last as long as Castle. 'Deception' didn't work out so now we have 'Take Two'. Take Two is definitely watchable and cast is pretty good. It might last during the summer months, but wouldn't stand a chance doing the fall lineup. Also the story line gets a little unrealistic when Eddie, Sam, or one of their assistants always know an expert in a particular field. They could be investigating a runaway giraffe and one of them will say: 'Hey, I know a guy that works at the zoo!' That never happens in real life and quite frankly, it's a little lazy on the writers part. But overall decent summer show.
09/16/18 at 01:45pm

Love the show. I admit it got off to a weak start but by S1 finale they had a groove going. The actors have got this ...if the writers step it up. I would love to season 2.
09/16/18 at 08:16am

Pleasant show with decent story lines. Much like other viewers we are in hopes the show isn’t cancelled like most decent shows are.
Frank Micale
09/13/18 at 11:23pm

Of late I've been lamenting at the 'over drama' (O.D.) being offered as entertaining network fare [or maybe it's summer. climate change] [or the 'president did a no-no in the oval office' super off, off b'way major disappointment].

To shorten what could be a very long e-mail, I'll simply say "fantastic' and if you dare cancel I'll re-read "No exit".. I will I swear I will.

Thanks for S1.

Billy J
09/13/18 at 08:20pm

Wonderful escape show with decent plots. This show must have a second season since Eddie and Sam seem to be hitting it off which could make the show in-line with The Thin Man, Hart to Hart, and other similar shows.

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