The Alienist

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Jan 22, 2018 - Aug 09, 2020




Drama / Crime




Laszlo - Daniel BruhlJohn - Luke EvansSara - Dakota FanningCyrus - Robert WisdomMarcus - Douglas SmithLucius - Matthew ShearStevie - Matt LintzTheodore - Brian GeraghtyMary - Q’orianka KilcherAlice - Lily-Rose Aslandogdu

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A limited drama based on the Caleb Carr novel of the same name.

In 1896, a string of gruesome murders of boy prostitutes grips New York City. A newly-appointed police commissioner tasks a criminal psychologist, known as an alienist, and a newspaper illustrator to investigate the matter in secret.

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12/06/20 at 03:58pm

As with at least most of the previous comments I like this show. The sets and clothing almost make you feel like you're watching what it must have been like back then. One thing that they stretched history on was Cornelius Vanderbilt being a character who in real life had been dead 20 years before this series is set.
08/12/20 at 00:32am

I love this show and the realism of how it was back then. Acting, hair, make-up, the set and costumes just superb. I actually like season 2 better. Bravo!
08/04/20 at 04:42pm

Love this show, but I am very disappointed to only get 8 episodes this season especially after being on a 2 year hiatus. Shame on you TNT.
07/19/20 at 07:08am

Great show!! Great acting!! Glad it’s finally on!!
Walter Fatta
08/23/18 at 08:51pm

Glad its back
04/05/18 at 12:08pm

This show is wonderfully original and doesn't shy away from the dark days NYC experienced. Love the portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt. This author wrote a sequel called "Angel of Darkness" which reunites the three main characters. I wonder if they will make that one, too. I'd watch!
04/02/18 at 12:53pm

Pleeze Athen...get a grip on reality. this show depicts a time in our history where some unsavory things it or not. Just because you feel inundated by the political environment of today does not mean you should disregard the historical importance of the material that the Alienist depicts. Serial killings have very much been a part of our history. Just as discrimination has been an unfortunate part of our history. America is what it is...with all it's good & bad!
04/02/18 at 12:46pm

Pleeeze...stop with the nonsense. The Alienist does a very good job of accurately depicting a part of American history. It is NOT about politics whether it be Trump as President or Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator. Our history is our history whether we like it or not. If this show offends you...if our history offends not indulge yourself in such shows or even history books that may contain something you may find offensive.
03/28/18 at 10:54am

Great show! Perfect for a "limited series", starts rolling, gets going, in full-swing, the build-up and finally the crescendo, nicely done!
03/26/18 at 01:01pm

From what I understand, a limited series usually means that the show can be only one season, but if it does well in the ratings, there is the potential for more. Also, they typically have less episodes per season.

Anyway, I love this show! It's interesting, creepy, sad, funny, name it. I think the actors do a fantastic job and the setting for the time period seems historically accurate.

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