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May 31, 2019 - Aug 02, 2019




Drama / Horror




Swamp Thing - Derek MearsAlec - Andy BeanAbby - Crystal ReedLiz - Maria StenMme Xanadu - Jeryl PrescottMatt - Henderson WadeJason - Kevin DurandAvery - Will PattonMaria - Virginia MadsenDaniel - Ian ZieringLucilia - Jennifer Beals

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A drama based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

Abby Arcane is a doctor at the CDC who is investigating what appears to be a deadly swamp-born virus in her small Louisiana town. When a fellow scientist tragically dies, Abby shockingly learns that the murky swamp holds mysterious and horrifying secrets that reveal he may not truly be dead.

Comments (13)

11/11/20 at 07:47am

Wonder if CW will pick up an other season
10/27/20 at 12:18pm

It's on the CW. Been a couple episodes so far. I never knew about it from before but watching it now.
05/14/20 at 03:44pm

It’s coming back and will be part of the CW 2020 fall shows
01/29/20 at 11:12pm

Oh my gosh! Swamp thing got canceled? I seriously thought this was going to be the next mash! I thought 70 million viewers could not be wrong? I mean swamp thing? How could they go wrong? What a genius idea? I’m telling you everyone was wrong by canceling swamp thing! Swamp thing was genius! Swamp thing would have changed the world!
01/13/20 at 02:43pm

WTF?!? This show is great! I'm a 61 year old man who loved reading Swamp Thing when I was younger... You make me want to go back and read them again. This show was fine so well... Why did you cancel it? If there is a petition to bring it back, sign me up!
10/23/19 at 07:32pm

Im devo I was enjoying it. I thought it was great. Man I wish they would axe crap and leave good shows on .... sad face
10/08/19 at 08:50am

I live in Canada where it plays on SHOWCASE. It is still on the air here...up to episode 6 so far and going.
edwin luff
09/19/19 at 07:08am

Definitely the best made series to come out of the DC Universe.
It was cancelled because the state it was filmed in reneged on their promise of financial support. Someone NEEDS to pick this up
Tim S.
07/24/19 at 07:16am

On DC Universe it lists Swamp Thing 2019 -

No where do they mention cancellation
the doctor
06/12/19 at 10:46pm

not even going to start watching this now. Cancelled before it began whats the point.

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