The Village

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Mar 19, 2019 - May 21, 2019








Edda - Moran AtiasSarah - Michaela McManusBen - Jerod HaynesKatie - Grace Van DienNick - Warren ChristieGabe - Daren KagasoffRon - Frankie FaisonPatricia - Lorraine ToussaintEnzo - Dominic Chianese

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A drama following the residents of a Brooklyn apartment building.

A unique apartment building in Brooklyn is home to people who have built a bonded family of friends and neighbors.

Among its residents are a nurse and single mother, a law student who has an unexpected roommate, an undocumented immigrant, and a veteran who has just returned from war. The heart and soul of the building are Ron and Patricia, who have many captivating tales to tell.

While they would not know each other if not for a shared residence, these people from disparate backgrounds have made their own family with the community around them, while facing their own challenges.

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Sandy Dolan
04/23/19 at 07:42pm

I really like this show, getting into all the characters please don't cancel.
03/29/19 at 03:44pm

I love this show. It is so nice to have a feel good show on tv for a change
David Wood
03/20/19 at 07:23pm

Well, they have a good setup: an apartment "village" with interconnected characters and storylines.
The question is in what direction the writers will go. Touchy-feelie sappy or strong. Can't tell with the pilot.
03/20/19 at 04:22pm

Loved it. This is my kind of show. A show about real people living their lives. I was getting so sick of shows about superhero’s and nursery rhyme characters! I’m so glad there are now 3 shows on tv that I absolutely love. “Million little pieces, This is us and now The Village”
03/19/19 at 08:21pm

Tuned out during the whole ICE confrontation in E1. Sad, I was kinda liking the characters and rest of the show. But I am so tired of shows having "messages" or "agendas." I watch TV to relax and get away from the news. This reminds me of the once great "Jump the Shark" website -- and the JTS fail was "a very special episode."

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