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May 24, 2019 - Present






Anne - Renee ZellwegerIan - Dave AnnableMarcos - Juan CastanoLisa - Jane LevySean - Blake JennerTodd - Keith PowersAngela - Samantha Marie Ware

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An anthology series based on the ripple effects of a single decision.

This neo-noir social thriller takes a look at the lasting ripple effects that can occur when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things.

In Season 1, a down-on-their-luck newlywed couple from San Francisco accept a lucrative, but morally questionable, offer from a mysterious female benefactor.

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08/05/19 at 07:57pm

The show is just dumb. Unbelievable story and bad acting. Rene looks like a wax figure and all that botox prevents her from actually acting. This is easily the worst Netflix show ever. Ever!
06/15/19 at 01:14pm

The cast almost put me off but watched 6 episodes so far and its pretty decent
05/27/19 at 05:06am

Loving this show. WOuld love to binge it, but my work schedule doesn't permit. Can't wait to see the end! Looking forward to next season.
05/24/19 at 04:37pm

Just binged today! Renee Zellweger is a force to be dealt with. Wow. Excellent storyline! Can't wait for season 2

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