AJ and the Queen

- Cancelled -
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Jan 10, 2020




Drama / Comedy




Ruby Red - RuPaul CharlesAJ - Izzy G.Coco Butter - Michael-Leon WooleyDamien - Josh SegarraBrianna - Katerina TannenbaumLady Danger - Tia Carrere

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A dramedy following a drag queen who travels across America with an unlikely young sidekick.

Ruby Red is a drag queen ready for a change of scenery, so she prepares for a new adventure out on the road.

While traveling across the country in her run-down RV, she comes across a stowaway in the form of a street-smart, tough-talking 10-year-old who ends up becoming her unlikely sidekick.

As the two misfits travel from one city to another, Ruby's message of acceptance touches people and changes their lives for the better.

Comments (4)

06/26/20 at 09:37pm

Really enjoyed this show. Binged over 2 days. So disappointed that it got canceled. So much prefer this to “reality tv” crap.
04/19/20 at 10:28pm

I just thought I would try one show to see if I liked it, I ended up watching the whole series in one day. Why take off the good shows to put more crap on like the TV networks do?
03/01/20 at 07:17pm

Was pleasantly surprised, binge watched in 1 day.
01/19/20 at 05:44am

Did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. Had to binge watch the whole season, couldn't stop watching. Great show!

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