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Sep 04, 2020




Drama / Sci-fi




Emma - Hilary SwankKwesi - Ato EssandohMisha - Mark IvanirRam - Ray PanthakiYu - Vivian WuAlexis - Talitha BatemanMatt - Josh Charles

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A drama following a team of astronauts on a high-stakes mission to Mars.

In the near future, American astronaut Emma Green leaves her husband and daughter behind to lead an elite international space crew on a perilous, years-long mission to Mars.

With members from the United States, the UK, Russia, China, and India, the diverse team's extended time away from their families will test their relationships back at home as well as the new ones formed in space.

Staying on track - and alive - is paramount, as their pursuit is humanity's most important goal.

Comments (8)

10/21/20 at 06:37pm

i heard GREAT things about this show! now i dont even want to bother watching it
10/21/20 at 10:28am

We were really enjoying this show. Please bring it back.
10/20/20 at 04:18pm

Absolute horseshit. Don’t bother. There’s too much good tv out there. This is absolute codswallop.
09/29/20 at 11:22am

Very good. I really hope it gets another season.
09/16/20 at 10:31am

With china? Everybody gets sick and dies, the end. Stupid premise, who thought china and not Japan? china has bought out netflix. china is going to build a city on Mars, it will remain empty forever.
09/13/20 at 04:40am

Great show, a little slow at times, probably should have been fewer episodes. Hope it gets renewed with better writing. Visuals and graphics were well done. Hilary Swank did not disappoint as is always the case.
karate baker
09/09/20 at 08:49am

I actually enjoyed this show a lot. I hope it gets another season.
09/07/20 at 06:17pm

On episode 3 & this show is TERRIBLE! Yikes. Fingers crossed it gets better but not hopeful.

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