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Apr 02, 2020 - Jun 25, 2020








Jackie - Pauley PerretteJavier - Jaime CamilElizabeth - Natasha LeggeroLuis - Izzy DiazSammy - Antonio Corbo

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A comedy following a woman whose estranged sister and husband move in with her after hitting hard times.

Jackie is a single mom who is surprised when her estranged sister shows up at her door along with her rich husband and his loyal assistant.

The couple have run into financial difficulties and the three of them are looking for a place to live. And while class differences might separate the women, the size of the house with the increased occupants will test the limits of their new living situation.

Comments (24)

05/08/20 at 02:02pm

Can't believe this went beyond the first show!
05/07/20 at 10:18pm

Tried to watch this as the previews looked good, it just did not click. won't miss it.
04/24/20 at 06:37pm

How is this show still on the air? It is not funny. What a waste of talent
JC Chaumer
04/22/20 at 09:55am

What a poor ass show... First episode BAD, second WORSE... can anyone guess what third is ging to be?
04/14/20 at 08:05pm

So disappointing. Love Pauley as a person and actress, but this show is awful.
04/12/20 at 08:37am

Pauley Perrette needs to be in a one hour crime fighting drama like Special Victims Unit or Chicago PD !!
Roger Tucker
04/11/20 at 05:43pm

watched 2 episodes what a terrible show can't see it making a full season.
Gregg Kortepeter
04/08/20 at 09:44pm

I couldn't even make it all the way through the first episode. what a terrible show
04/07/20 at 11:57am

This show had promise right up until the first scene. This is CBS right? The same station that brings us NCIS. Do they not have any kind of budget? Maybe the show is Broke too. Couldn't make it through the first episode. Pauley is way better than this show deserves. I can't see it lasting more than a couple of episodes.
04/05/20 at 02:17pm

This show is terrible. Seems like they got a high school drama club to create and write this show. The show is a bunch of old hack bits and stereotypical characters mixed together and is just a mess. CBS likes her so she’ll probably get a little room but it’s sure to be cancelled quickly

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