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Aug 13, 2020 - Present




Reality / Food


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A cooking series featuring Selena Gomez joined by various master chefs.

In this cook-a-long series, pop superstar and actress Selena Gomez is joined remotely by different master chefs. Together they tackle a wide variety of cuisines, share helpful tips, and deal with mishaps like smoking ovens and missing ingredients.

Each episode highlights a food-related charity while showcasing both the struggles and the joys of learning to cook. The viewer at home is also invited to follow along.

Comments (2)

08/13/20 at 08:51pm

Usually willing to give new shows a go, I'm with Kris on this one. Sounds awful. Its too bad this show picked such a bad time slot. It's running opposite "How to rearrange your Sock Drawer" so it doesn't have a chance.
08/13/20 at 04:59pm

This is it folks, the apocalypse...they’ve finally run out of ideas.

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