The Wilds

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Dec 11, 2020 - Present




Gretchen - Rachel GriffithsFatin - Sophia AliLeah - Sarah PidgeonMarthan - Jenna ClauseToni - Erana JamesNora - Helena HowardRachel - Reign EdwardsDot - Shannon BerryShelby - Mia HealeyThom - Joe Witkowski

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A drama following a group of girls stranded together on an island after a plane crash.

When a group of teenage girls from different backgrounds become stranded on a deserted island after their plane crashes, they must fight for their survival.

The castaways bond and clash as they learn details about each other's lives, the secrets they keep, and the traumas they have endured.

But while it appears they were brought together by tragic circumstances, it was no accident that these girls ended up on the island.

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Steve S.
05/06/22 at 05:43pm

Lord of the Flies nails it! Except in this case they had primitive behavior before being "shipwrecked." I do not remember seeing the Flies movies. Were they that bad? There is also Ladyworld (2018). I'm sure that's a gem too.
Just Keith
05/06/22 at 11:43am

"Lord of the Flies"
Steve S.
05/06/22 at 00:58am

Gilligan's Island is 100 times more real than this bile.
Just Someone
05/22/21 at 11:38am

any word on season 2? found this last year and binged it in a few days. Off to google I go!
12/15/20 at 07:30am

I liked it.

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