Tattoo Redo

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Jul 28, 2021








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A reality series where bad tattoos are fixed up by top artists.

People who have had tattoo mishaps or disasters are given the chance to improve their appearance when top artists step in to help cover up the bad ink with designs chosen by their clients' loved ones.

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08/07/21 at 08:28pm

Ya’ll are disturbed. How can you think tattooing a dagger going through a cat’s skull is an improvement? Just disgusting.
Frank Mendoza
08/03/21 at 07:35pm

I have a 1/4 sleeve that I got at a dark time in my life. How do I get on the show to get my ink fixed. Giving the artist complete creative control. Fingers crossed
Harold Kennedy
08/03/21 at 05:31pm

My wife has many great tattoos but one on her hip,a dragon head,is getting very dark and was not done well. Is there a was to recolor or improve this. It is on her hip. I can send a photo. She will be 69 in Oct.
Anthony Tha Barber Morris
08/01/21 at 11:19am

How do I become a guest on this show? My fiance says I have a tat that needs covering asap! She's constantly talking about it. We are getting married in May 2022 and would love to have this covered before then.
David Kucala
07/31/21 at 08:27pm

Hi, How do pick the people for the show , I have a bad tattoo that has a bad cover up . That I would love to have fixed but am afraid to go to just anyone to do the work so far I’ve trusted 2 different people to work on me and I’m not happy nor is my wife she hated both of them , so I’m really not happy , Happy wife happy life . So please let me know if there is a way to be considered for the show . Hope to hear from you . Thanks David
Sheila Sechrist
07/28/21 at 11:23am

Great Show, bad choice of host.

Jessimae is not a good fit for the host of this show. She doesn't fit in with the tattoo studio culture. She appears contrived. This is the only thing I dislike about the show, but it may possibly be a factor that makes me stop watching the show.
It's nothing personal, I would never fit in either, but its would be embarrassing to try that hard.

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