Domino Masters

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Mar 09, 2022 - Present




Host - Eric Stonestreet

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A game show where teams of domino enthusiasts face off in various challenges.

Eric Stonestreet hosts this game show that brings imagination and creativity to life. Teams of domino enthusiasts face off in a tournament of toppling with the goal of creating mind-bending masterpieces from thousands of tiles and unique kinetic devices.

A panel of judges including Danica McKellar, Vernon Davis, and professional domino artist Steve Price evaluate the works of the 16 teams competing in ambitious building challenges with the goal of being named the country's most talented amateur domino topplers.

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Steve S.
03/09/22 at 01:47am

"domino enthusiasts" "mind-bending"

The good part in my view would be toppling the masterpieces and that's not worth a show.
02/09/22 at 06:04pm

Boring!!!!!!!!!! SNOOZE!

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