Generation Gap

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Jul 07, 2022 - Present




Host - Kelly Ripa

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A quiz game show where seniors pair up with juniors to answer pop culture questions.

Kelly Ripa hosts this quiz show that pairs seniors with juniors to answer questions about pop culture from each other's generations.

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Matthew G
07/20/23 at 09:05pm

IDK about you, but this game show I really, REALLY, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sooooooooooooo funny!
Bill B
04/19/23 at 06:19pm

Glad the show got renewed. It's amazing how some of the grandchildren know about older generations but not vice versa. I am just starting to realize most of my possessions are considered "vintage."
07/07/22 at 01:14pm

Sounds boooooooooooooooring!
Just Someone
06/21/22 at 08:23pm

Jimmy Kimmel does something similar on his show and I bet that's where ABC got the idea.. I loved that skit!! I will def .be checking it out!
06/18/22 at 09:06am

This show sounds similar to the 1980's game show "Trivia Trap" which was hosted by Bob Eubanks.

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