Judge Steve Harvey

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Jan 04, 2022 - Present




Reality / Legal


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A reality courtroom series where Steve Harvey presides over often-outrageous cases.

Steve Harvey moves into the courtroom to preside over a variety of cases and conflicts, ranging from small claims to larger disputes. Harvey plays by his own rules, taking into account his own life experiences and common sense.

Comments (3)

01/04/22 at 05:48pm

I've always thought Steve Harvey looks like a used car salesman. Is their anything he won't do for a buck?
Steve S.
01/04/22 at 00:15am

He is not a judge and has a history of naming the wrong winner, and of angering real judges. I do like him but I just say no to this reality.
11/30/21 at 02:46pm

No, just no.

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