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Feb 18, 2022 - Present


Apple TV+




Mark - Adam ScottPeggy - Patricia ArquetteIrving - John TurturroBurt - Christopher WalkenHelly - Britt Lower

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A drama following a company that severs their employees' memories between their work and personal lives.

Mark Scout leads a team of office workers at the Lumon Corporation whose memories have been surgically severed between their work life and personal life. This experimental version of work-life balance is called into question after Mark finds himself at the center of a mystery that will force him to confront the true nature of his work and himself.

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11/29/23 at 10:26pm

This show is weird but great. Unique in many ways. It starts show but it just gets better. The last episode of season 1 is insanely good! I really hope they give it a season 2.
Richard J. Blanco
08/25/22 at 10:55am

This show is a weird show, it started slow. I hope Apple does another season of the show I binged watched this season! The storyline is different and odd, but the actors are great actors and the storylines for each character are really enjoyable
03/11/22 at 12:38pm

This show is so weird - I can't wait to see where it's going.
I really wish Apple would drop seasons of shows instead of going week-to-week. I think Severance would really benefit from a binge.
Steve S.
02/18/22 at 01:15am

I don't remember that I get Apple TV+. Maybe I do.

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