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Nov 28, 2022 - Present






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A spin-off of 'Southern Charm' following Leva Bonaparte as she runs her bar.

Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte manages the larger-than-life staff at Republic Garden & Lounge. Leva and husband own four restaurants along Charleston's famous King Street, but Republic is the crown jewel of the bunch.

Comments (7)

Joey Boots
02/25/23 at 02:38am

Who GAF bout ppl in a bar
02/11/23 at 05:59pm

Sounds like a bunch of hater's on Leva. More haters = winning. I thought the show was good, not great or bad but good.
02/07/23 at 06:14pm

People be trippin, this show is awesome!
Bravo not
02/07/23 at 08:09am

Horrible horrible show. Leva should take this one as a loss. She
Leva made SCharm boring too; I think the reason she didn’t do much in SC is because she was hoping and saving all bets for this SHosp show. A big loss! Hope she doesn’t go back on SC either!
Annita Baker
01/25/23 at 12:31pm

Hate the show..hate her too
01/02/23 at 05:17pm

Girl ain’t even from the South
01/02/23 at 06:58am

Worst show Bravo has ever aired, and they've aired some doozies!

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