Tales of the Walking Dead

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Aug 14, 2022 - Present




Drama / Horror


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An anthology series set in the 'Walking Dead' universe.

Episodes of this spinoff anthology series feature standalone stories of both new and existing characters in the 'Walking Dead' franchise.

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Cathy Jo
02/23/23 at 09:04am

First two episodes were fun to watch. The rest, especially the last one, were just plain ridiculous. Hope this is it for this series. They've squeezed enough out of the Walking Dead series.
01/11/23 at 02:15pm

I just watched an episode from last August called "Dee". It was kind of the origin story of Alpha and Lydia and actress Samantha Morton was outstanding as Dee (pre-Alpha). I had no idea that this was going to be one of the episodes of this series. It was a delightful surprise, But, so far, that's the only episode that has been worth watching,
Gary Brunsvold
08/14/22 at 08:43am

Let's give it a chance, it might not be that bad :)
06/15/22 at 08:30am

Ahh no, another one. Really?

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