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Nov 10, 2022 - Present




Drama / Crime


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A drama following a spiritual Detective who encounters a life-changing case.

Avraham is an NYPD Detective whose belief in mankind is his biggest strength when it comes to uncovering the truth. While he is guided by a deep sense of spirituality and religious principles, Avraham is left to question his own humanity when a routine investigation turns upside down.

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Terri Naber
02/20/23 at 10:49am

The series is based on a book series called, “Avraham Avraham, by D. A. Mishani. Avraham is the correct spelling, and it is the Hebrew version of Abraham.
The character’s name is actually Avraham Avraham (hence, Detective Avraham) - “My parents liked the name,” is what he says in one episode when asked, “you have the same first and last name?”
02/07/23 at 06:39pm

Well unlike everyone else im gona actually talk about the show. I LOVE IT. Hope its renewed. I like that its not a case per episode and dives into it deeper.
11/12/22 at 02:49pm


I did not see the comment till just now. I didn't to to the 2nd page when I posted.

I don't like name calling - it starts when we are young and I guess it never goes away for some.
11/10/22 at 06:57pm

Uh, Susan, this site IS about expressing how we feel about shows. At least it should be. Maybe you didn't see Steve's comment.
Please tell me what about his comment of "It's Abraham you garish twit bird" expresses his feelings about the show? I'll wait.
Do you really not know why a few people called him out?
11/10/22 at 04:41pm

I thought this site was for us expressing how we feel about shows.

Why are you jumping on Steve. He is a regular on this site and I have never been offended by anything he has said. 1st Amendment people.

If some of you scowl at comments, put your big girl or boy pants on and deal with it.
11/10/22 at 01:46pm

Avraham is a masculine given name, the Hebrew version of Abraham
John O.
11/10/22 at 01:25pm

Doubt it is one post nonsense on almost every show listing. Is it so hard to believe that 5 people don't care for your comments?
Steve S.
11/10/22 at 10:35am

One person posts five times under different handles because I made a silly joke he posting as a she didn't like. I apoligize for offending sweet Avra.
11/10/22 at 09:04am

Oh I'm here for this entertainment!!! Who is he calling a garish twit bird anyway? And just cuz of what he thinks is a small spelling mistake? Steve - you're not as smart as you think you are now have a seat.
11/10/22 at 08:48am

As others have noted, the spelling is actually Avraham. Haha that's so embarrassing. Steve S owned himself. Typical know-it-all who is actually not very intelligent at all. Love it!

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