Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge

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May 30, 2023 - Aug 08, 2023








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A competition series where ordinary vehicles are transformed into Hot Wheels creations.

Rutledge Wood hosts this car makeover competition where superfans are invited into the 'Chrome Zone,' where they go head-to-head in transforming a regular vehicle into an extraordinary Hot Wheels creation.

Working alongside a team of automotive magicians, the contestants create their designs in high-tech garages. Each winner takes home $25,000 and gets the chance to compete in the finale where three lucky finalists transform another car in hopes of winning an additional $50,000 and the honor of having their design made into an official Hot Wheels die-cast car.

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03/25/24 at 07:59pm

NBC has come to the point where a primetime show is adults playing with toys. I blame this on Jimmy Fallon.
Jerzey Jim
03/22/24 at 04:39am

I loved every minute of being on the show and it was great to get to relive my memories of my 69 Charger. and you are right about one thing, I really wish i got to keep the Charger.......I would be like a second chance.
Matt clark
07/26/23 at 03:45pm

Just a dumb show that's supposed to thrive off the hype of the lego show. It's a weird version of pimp my ride, except... the cars aren't able to be driven, most of the exagerrated parts don't function... and worst of all.. the contestants don't keep them since they are useless.
07/13/23 at 06:38am

Love Hot Wheels, and love how they conceive and build them. But, to make it seem that their the contestants actual cars is a little much. They found their actual "85 Honda or "92 pickup? They would be scrap metal by now. Similar cars built to look like the original. Other than that it's a good show.

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