Lockwood & Co.

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Jan 27, 2023




Drama / Fantasy




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A fantasy drama following a ghost-hunting agency that fights spirits haunting London.

Two gifted teenage boys team up with a girl who has extraordinary psychic abilities, running a small ghost-hunting agency that fights the many deadly spirits that haunt London.

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Bob Novak
02/16/24 at 03:11am

uh.. not sure I understand why this got the axe. Its a bit focused on a younger audience but seemed to be an enjoyable watch especially for that late high-school range. It was pretty well acted, story was interesting, etc..

I guess it wasn't woke enough for the staff.. should have had more lesbian ghosts and gender in-specific ghouls.

oh well.
11/12/23 at 08:27pm

I really liked this ... I was hoping for more...why ... so much more was to come ...
06/05/23 at 00:38am

I didn't know the story, but I enjoyed the show. It was one of the better one created and I had hoped for a season two. But at least I can read the books and learn their story
05/23/23 at 00:13am

My sister said she is canceling her Netflix subscription. I am NOT getting one.
05/13/23 at 05:27am

Netflix you are a disgrace
02/22/23 at 09:08am

It's just about to be cancelled
01/27/23 at 06:14pm

The books were amazing and the show could be incredible! I am a librarian and look forward to any book that’s turned into a movie… love the buzz of literature for our students
Steve S.
01/27/23 at 03:13am

I'm pretty sure I watched the whole thing in the preview. One and all done.

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