Mrs. Davis

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Apr 20, 2023 - May 18, 2023




Drama / Sci-fi




Simone - Betty GilpinWiley - Jake McDormanMother Superior - Margo Martindale

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A sci-fi drama about a powerful AI and a nun trying to destroy it.

Mrs. Davis is a powerful Artificial Intelligence that has amassed billions of global users. It calls its users 'partners' and gives them the opportunity to earn 'Wings' by performing quests.

Mrs. Davis may be the most popular algorithm in the world, but there is a nun, Sister Simone of Reno, who thinks it intends to enslave humanity and will stop at nothing to take it down.

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11/02/23 at 07:48pm

Please Renew for season 2 +++
05/29/23 at 11:46pm

Just finished watching it. It's a good, solid show -- a few laughs, some great acting (Margo Martindale is always amazing) and Gilpin is solid (easy on the eyes doesn't hurt).

Looking for a S2 renewal notice.
04/25/23 at 03:53pm

I was apprehensive at first, because the trailer pitches it as a series where a religious nun leads the charge on destroying technologically advanced Siri/Alexa-like AI to save the world. My first thought was, why feed the Trumpian trolls with this premise of tech bad, progress bad, God good?

But having watched 4 episodes, its a Trumpian nightmare. So unique, so progressive, so inventive with the Christian mythology, while telling a fun story. Reminds me of Preacher during its early seasons.
Steve S.
04/20/23 at 02:49am

Not that it looks anything at all like Resident Alien but it could be a (stupid?) comedy masquerading as scifi.

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