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Feb 21, 2024 - Present


Apple TV+


Drama / Sci-fi


Jo - Noomi RapaceHenry - Jonathan BanksMagnus - James D'Arcy

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A psychological thriller following an astronaut who returns to Earth to find parts of her life missing.

Jo is an astronaut who has returned to Earth after a disaster in space to find that key pieces of her life appear to be missing. This sets her on a desperate quest to expose the truth about the hidden history of space travel and recover all that she has lost.

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02/24/24 at 10:39am

Another brutal Apple TV offering. Moody music and dark scenes abound. Forget plot and action.
Great cure for insomnia.
Steve S.
02/21/24 at 06:03am

Weird - she speaks in British tongue a bit. Britain must have colonized space eons ago. And now they're back messing with us. We're being invaded left right and above.

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