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Feb 29, 2024 - Present




Drama / Crime


Elsbeth - Carrie PrestonWagner - Wendell PierceKaya - Carra Patterson

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A spinoff of 'The Good Wife' featuring unconventional attorney Elsbeth Tascioni.

After her successful career in Chicago, unconventional attorney Elsbeth Tascioni moves to New York City, where she utilizes her singular point of view to make unique observations that assist the NYPD in tackling tough cases.

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05/25/24 at 02:01pm

So refreshing. I love it. Didn't think I would but I'm hooked. It's like Jessica Fletcher meets Monk meets Colombo. It IS a how done it except the last episode where she lost her Mojo. She's not child like, she's quirky. Love the entire cast.
05/24/24 at 10:10pm

I'm surprised this was renewed. Elsbeth is an obnoxious child who couldn't possibly be the lawyer she claims to be. Her wardrobe is painful to look at and wouldn't be allowed in a courtroom. The writing makes the police look like bumbling idiots who can't do anything without Elsbeth. And the only good acting is from the Captain. I hoped it would improve as time went on, but it's just as cringe as when it started. It's further not helped by giving the audience everything at the start of each episode leaving us with nothing to pay attention to for the rest of the hour.
05/23/24 at 08:04am

@ Venus. I never saw it marketed as a "how done it" so yes, I was looking forward to mystery. As a fan of Carrie Preston AKA True Blood Arlene Fowler, I was expecting something else..Good luck to the show
05/22/24 at 06:41pm

Sammi, this show has always been marketed as a "how done it" rather than a "who done it." If you're looking for mystery you've come to the wrong show.
05/22/24 at 04:52pm

So, let's get this straight. An episode starts and we (the audience) already know who the murderer is. Now the next 45 minutes of the episode is about us watching Elsbeth figure out who it is, WE already know!! That takes the mystery out of the show. Imagine watching Dateline and it be the same way.. "Was it the Husband??? Yes, yes it was, now watch how investigators figured it out".
Tracy Rosser
05/04/24 at 08:10am

I love this show!!! Reminds me of Columbo, it is simple and fun, love the character Nesbeth, please renew this is a refreshing gem.
05/03/24 at 01:21pm

I can’t believe this crap got renewed and shows like So Help Me Todd get cancelled.
02/04/24 at 12:04pm

Carrie Preston was great on True Blood & The Good Wife. I'm looking forward to this show!
01/18/24 at 03:19pm

Carrie Preston 8s a grat quirky actress. This should be good

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